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UrbanFonts features an amazing collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats. With over 8,000 freeware fonts, you've come to the best place to download fonts! Most fonts on this site are freeware, some are shareware or linkware. Some fonts provided are trial versions of full versions and may not allow embedding unless a commercial license is purchased or may contain a limited character set. Please review any files included with your download, which will usually include information on the usage and licenses of the fonts.

Download free Eurostile-Bold font, EUROSTIL.ttf. The fonts presented on this website are their authors' property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. Monotype Library Subscription. Get unlimited access to Eurostile® Next Complete Family Pack and over 2,200 other families for only 9.99/month. The Monotype Library Subscription is a smart new way to work with fonts.


ITC doesn't deserve hundreds of dollars for a font from the 60s when the artist who created it died over three decades ago, just because it's an instantly recognizable font that people will ask for by name. Mahesh babu all songs They're not going to see my show fliers, so fuck them and their greed. If you need a free font, use a free font. Like, if you're seriously financially incapable (and not just cheap) then use a free font. As a designer, how would you like it if someone said to you, I have mad respect for your work, so I'm going to ask you to leave the room so I can steal it. Having respect for someone doesn't make up for you not crediting them for their work.

Though your point is pretty solid and I agree, you are looking at the whole disscusion pretty harshly. First of all Im asking because I dont know this stuff, And I never said I had stole them, but I admitt ive used some, but only for personal projects. I have never used one for a project that i was paid for, I havent even been a part of a project that has been paid for yet. So mainly I asked this because I have uploaded a project on that i did not get paid for and Im not really sure what the Moral Standards are in that situation, if thats a personal project or could be viewed as a finnancially beneficial project because its on my Portfolio. I ask to earn knowledge, you actually let me know how serious this matter is so thank you:) • • • • •.

See or • When asking a question, please research this sub for similar questions. Posting questions, when it’s obvious you haven’t looked or researched for the same or similar questions, will be removed. Please report any posts which break these rules, to maintain the quality of the subreddit. Design Subreddits LIST. If you are making money off of whatever work you are doing, it's only right that you pay for what you used to make it. That said, personally, I feel no guilt pirating highly overpriced, recognizable old fonts, of which the original designers will likely not be profiting from, in many cases because they are no longer alive. Upstart foundries and people who are actively designing fonts today deserve to have their work supported and I will happily open my wallet to support them.

If we could live off respect, we would all be kings I'm sure. But we need money. Don't come here trying to justify exactly what you would hate to have happen to you: someone recognizing the legitimately good work you do but trying to undercut you because they're cheap. What goes around comes around. Sorry for the rant but if we don't respect ourselves who will respect us?

Fonts Similar To Eurostile

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