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The finish on these is VERY thin. • German Makarov: $400 - $800. These are quite rare and owners tend to jealously guard them. SOG had some a while back, but they were gone almost instantly. Which Makarovs are considered Curios and Relics? For those not familiar with the Curio and Relic FFL, visit the page.

Feg pa-63 Hello, everyone! I have a PA-63, and was wondering if anyone may know about the stamped markings, and why mine has AP-9 stamped on the slide along with PA-63. Some Walthers were made briefly by FEG before they split the sheets. FEG made some Hi-Power copies, and I think the Chas. Daly example was one of them. I wouldn't trust them as much as a real Browning, but admit to never having tried one.

Hello, everyone!:) I have a PA-63, and was wondering if anyone may know about the stamped markings, and why mine has AP-9 stamped on the slide along with PA-63. It's clearly not an AP-9. I have been on the official site numerous times.

For more info and pictures of some common pistols of this type, see the. It turns out I have a Hungarian FEG (PA-63, APK, SMC, etc.). Are these OK? The Hungarian guns are quite nice, but they're not Makarovs, even if the dealer told you so.

Feg Pa-63 Serial Numbers

Beyond that, you'll have to spend some money. However, the difference in sight picture can be amazing. If you have a Makarov with fixed rear sights and want something easier to spot, Makarov.com's Custom Shop used to offer Custom sight work, but no longer does. Many gunsmiths still do this type of work, contact a local gunsmith in your area for more information and pricing. What caliber should I get,.380 or 9x18 Makarov? By all means, get one in the original caliber of 9x18 Makarov, unless you are already familiar with the.380 ACP and reload for it. 9x18 Makarov ammunition availability is no longer an issue.

Its most obvious drawback is a very heavy double-action trigger pull. The magazine release is located just below the slide at the front of the grip, rather than behind the trigger guard. As a result, the empty magazine protrudes 1/8 of an inch from the bottom of the grip instead of smoothly ejecting. Despite a very heavy double-action first shot, the AP9 test-fired with surprising accuracy.

And if you want more power, get a.454 Casull. How about 9mm Parabellum? It fits in the chamber. Holy smokes.what are you trying to do? Kill yourself?!?

Surplus ammo is typically Berdan primed and often steel cased. Contoh kertas kerja lawatan. Berdan primers use an anvil that is in the case, not the primer itself and has two flash holes inside the case. If you try to punch them out with a Boxer depriming tool you risk breaking the depriming tool and the case will be worthless when you're done.

Non-matching magazine. Left side of frame marked with s/n and proofs. Copy from your dealer before we can ship to them. We will also ship C&R eligible firearms to Curio and Relic (C&R) license holders. We accept your signed, legible FFL and C&R licenses via fax at 309/ 342-5730 (always on), email at FFLsimpsonltd or through the mail at Simpson Ltd; 140 S Seminary St; Galesburg, IL 61401.

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• 9x18M = 9mm Makarov. Bullet diameter =.364' • 9x19 = 9mm = 9mm Parabellum = 9mm Luger. Bullet diameter =.356' There are others such as 9mm Ultra, 9mm Police, 9x21, 9mm Largo, etc. Note that none of these, except those with equal signs, are the same things. Do not exchange them for what your gun is chambered for. Also try this link from the rec.guns FAQ: and get this. I bought some surplus ammo that says 'corrosive'.

That's right where the serial number is (or used to be, at least). You joined today. This is your first post on a 5 month old thread. As for you question: The serial number was relocated after being worn off during normal use. It was relocated to an area of the slide that is less susceptible to wear.

Similarly, reaming the chamber of a.380 ACP pistol by 2 'silly millimeters' is discouraged. Naturally, if you want to shoot only handloads and know what you're doing while working up a load, you can try this. I suggest a good life insurance policy first though. I found a good deal on 9x18M ammo. Can I fire it in my 9mm Parabellum? Like with.380 guns, 9x18M should not chamber and may rupture your barrel. OK, I get the picture.what 9x18M ammo is best?

Feg Pa 63 Serial Number Lookup

They produce the Makarov, PSM, various shotguns, airguns, artificial pacemakers for the heart, oil drilling equipment. It is a goverment, state owned enterprise, but has the right to close its own business contracts and deals without govermental interferance. Baikal is a foreign trade organization this is similar to North China Industries (NORINCO). This was a govermental organization that was used to market Soviet goods abroad. These days Baikal is hardly active in any trade with the US, largely because of the Bill Clinton imposed 'voluntary trade restrictions.'

Second is the Baikal and Izhmech new production Makarov. These are recognizable by their rear adjustable target sight, 'Made in Russia' and Baikal markings. Another variant of this is the 10-round double-stack Makarov, which was also made by Izhmech. More recently, some of the Russian military Makarovs with fixed rear sights have snuck into the country with shipments of Bulgarian guns.

You can usually spot these by the bifurcated triangle with circle marking. How is Izmech different from Baikal? Notorious big greatest hits zip. IMEZ stands for Izhevskii Mechanicheskii Zavod or Izhevsk Mechanical Factory located in the city of Izhevsk near the Ural Mountains.