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Tilt the scroll wheel side to side to activate smooth horizontal scrolling. Click the wheel for middle-click.

The Connect key The Connect key, which shares space with the F7 function key, brings up the Connect panel, which is used for the Projecting To This PC feature. If you are using that feature (which I covered in the article ), you'll find this key to be quite handy, because access to the Connect panel is buried in the Action Center. The Windows Settings key The Windows Settings key, which shares space with the F8 function key, brings up the Windows Settings window. This is where you'll find many, but not all, of Windows 10's configuration options.

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Windows 7: The Mouse and Keyboard Center app is available from the Start menu. • WINDOWS 8 GESTURES swipe up on the Windows touch tab to switch between recent apps. Swipe down on the Windows touch tab to browse all open apps in the left list view. Click the Windows touch tab to switch between the current app and the Start screen. • Rotate the scroll wheel up and down to activate vertical scrolling.

• スクロール ホイールを上下に回転させると、 垂直方向の スクロールをすることができます。 スクロール ホイールを左右に傾けると、 水平方向の スクロールをすることができます。 ホイールをクリックすると、 中クリックできます。 マウス キーボード センター アプリをインストールすると、 Microsoft 製品のカスタマイズができます。. • • 以打开 “设置” 。 依次选择 “更改 设置” 、 “设备” 和“添加设备” 。 WinDOWs 7 :在 “开始” 菜单的“搜索” 框中,键入 “添加设备” ,然后 enter 按 “ ” 。 Microsoft sculpt 从设备列表中选择 “ 舒适滑控鼠标” 。 自定义 Windows 8 :按键盘上的 (或从右侧轻扫)。 依次点击或单击 “搜索” 、 “设置” ,然后在 “搜索” 框中输入 “操作中心” 。 在 “操作中心” 中 “维护” 下的.

Select Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse from the list of devices. Customization Windows 10 / 8 / 7: The Mouse and Keyboard Center app is available from the Start menu.

Maybe this additional step is necessary. ----------------------------- A couple of days later.

I just wish there was a log file that would tell me what problems to expect. Otherwise Windows 10 seems to work quite well on my Samsung Princeton Notebook.

C) Tap or click the drop down box and select Windows 7, then tap or click OK. D) Try installing the driver and check. I would also suggest you to refer this link for more information: Hope this helps. If the issue remains unresolved, please get back to us and we’d be happy to help.

• • 설정 변경 장치 장치 추가를 차례로 선택합니다 설정을 엽니다 WinDOWs 7: enter 시작 메뉴의 검색 상자에 장치 추가를 입력하고 키를 누릅니다 Microsoft 장치 목록에서 스컬프트 컴포트 마우스 를 선택합니다 사용자 지정 Windows 8: 키보드의 키를 누르거나 오른쪽에서 밉니다 검색 설정을 차례로. • WINDOWS 8 제스처 Windows 최근 사용한 앱 간에 전환하려면 터치 탭을 위로 밉니다 왼쪽 목록을 열어 현재 열려있는 모든 앱을 검색하려면 Windows 터치 탭을 아래로 밉니다 Windows 현재 앱과 시작 화면을 전환하려면 터치 탭을 클릭합니다. • 휠을 위 아래로 움직이면 세로 방향의 스크롤이 가능합니다 휠을 좌우로 움직이면 가로 방향의 틸트 조작이 가능합니다 가운데 단추를 클릭하려면 휠을 클릭합니다 Microsoft 장치의 사용자 지정 기능을 사용하려면 마우스 및 키보드 센터 앱을 설치하십시오 Windows 7 제스처.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse Instructions

On the right-hand side of the keyboard, as shown in Figure H, there are two Windows function keys that pertain specifically to Windows 10. Figure H The right-hand side of the Sculpt Ergonomic features two Windows function keys that pertain to Windows 10.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard And Mouse Setup

Any suggestions? Hi Lumbeth, Method 1: Hardware and devices troubleshooter The hardware and devices troubleshooter can detect and fix errors and incorrect settings in devices. You can refer these steps to run this troubleshooter: a) Press Windows key +X, select Control panel b) Change the view by option on the top right to Large icons c) Click on troubleshooting and click on the view all option on the left panel d) Run the Hardware and devices troubleshooter. Method 2: Disable security software and check Sometimes, security software like Antivirus and firewall can block certain services. If you have installed any third party security software, I would suggest you to disable them and check.

Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise: no problem at all Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise: problematic Device: Dell 5110 / i7 2670QM HM65 chipset/ Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1030 chipset wifi+bluetooth All drivers are up to date (windows auto update+on device manager manual update+using driver update tools) There isn't any error at all in Device Manager before adding/pairing bluetooth devices Problem: On Bluetooth Menu, Windows 10 see the Mouse as usual, click on 'Pair device', and pair is successful, i can see the driver/device install on new small installation window menu and also in Device Manager. Also i analyze the C: Windows INF folder log files for device installation errors,cannot see any error all installations end with SUCCESS.

A light blinks green and red for 6 minutes to indicate that the mouse is discoverable. WinDOWs 8: From the Start screen, press + i on your keyboard (or swipe in from the right) to open settings. Choose Change PC settings, Devices, and then Add a device. WinDOWs 7: From the Start menu, type add a device in the Search box and press enter. Select Microsoft sculpt Comfort Mouse from the list of devices. Customisation Windows 8: Press + W on your keyboard (or swipe in from the right).

I am having trouble getting my Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse to work with my Samsung Seires 3 Princeton notebook running Windows 10. I have researched a lot of the discussions here and sometimes I can get it to work, but as soon as I reboot or even turn the mouse's on/off switch off and on, it no longer works. I have tried unchecking the power savings box for bluetooth, but that only worked momentarily.

You can use two ways to download drivers and update drivers easily and quickly from here. Ghost windows 8.1 luxury 2014 x86 by khatmau sr activated. Following is the list of drivers we provide.

Install Microsoft Sculpt Mouse

Under General, Device Status is: -The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) -This operation requires an interactive window station. -To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver. I click to download driver update, it attempts and comes back with an error message: Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Detection Driver (USB) This operation requires an interactive window station. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for the device driver software. I believe in Excel expression for this is 'unresolved circular reference'.

The mouse may work for a little while, it appears that pressing on the wheel bottom or the Windows bottom may also trigger the problem. Is there any update on this? I bought the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse on September 2014, I started having problems with the scrolling wheel a few months back (May 2017). It appeared to be a software issue since it was inconsistent and it seems to happen after I pressed on the wheel, I tried some of the solutions suggested here and other threads with no luck, I went to the Microsoft store and I was surprised to see that they sell exactly the same mouse, at least it looks the same, same buttons and color, anyway, the new one works great and I was also able to customize all the buttons with the 'mice and keyboard center' from Microsoft. Great Bluetooth mouse, life spam of almost 3 years is pretty reasonable considering the price. Suddenly and without warning, my Wheel stopped working in this Microsoft Sculpt Mouse. I've had zero problems with it until yesterday.