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Webley Mk2 Service Air Rifle - Fifth & Sixth Series. With thanks to Frank. Serial number S15130 has both features of the 5th and 6th series as mentioned in Christopher Thrale's book. At JC Militaria we stock a number of Air Weapons. Calibre Break Action Air Rifle 'TE' Prefix Serial Number. NUMBERS, C1930's Webley Junior.177 Calibre Air. Webley & Scott produced a number of single-shot, break open signal flare gun devices used by Commonwealth Military Forces during the First and Second World Wars. The most prolific of these was the No.1 MkIII, produced in 1918. NRA Museums: The Mark V was the last double- action model Webley revolver in. The Mark V was short- lived in production, being. Many Mark V revolvers were.

Webley & Scott flare pistols [ ]. 1918 MkIII flare pistol Webley & Scott produced a number of single-shot, break open signal devices used by Commonwealth Military Forces during the First and Second World Wars.

Yet today they plead that they couldn’t keep track, or didn’t care, which was which.” Well, my friend, please tell me on what other airgun dealer’s blog or website you ever read anything about them admitting something bad happened. The only reason you have something to snipe at is because we laid the whole incident out for everyone to see. Now, on the forum where this surfaced, a lot of the embarrassing details were ommitted.

However, now that the issue has been brought up, they have responded immediately to rectify it. I have not explained the details of how they satisfied the disgruntled customer, but he is now a very happy customer and has changed his opinion entirely. I won’t reveal the details because they are private, as is his identity.

Price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. Sn 10675 £245.00. Boxed, 1945 To 1958 'The Webley Mark 1',.177 Calibre Air Pistol With Original Box Of Webley Special Pellets. AI 600 - AI 600 These pistols were manufactured at the Webley Birmingham 4 factory Post WW2 To 1958. Production continued at their Handsworth factory into the 1960's. (See pages 71 to 73 of Bruce's book Webley Air Pistols).

Mint, Boxed, 1948-1970 U.S.A. Hy-Score Model 800 Target.177 Calibre Break Action Air Pistol With Illustrated Instruction Pamphlet. AI 606 - AI 606 The Model 800 Target Air Pistol was produced by the New York based Hy-Score Arms Corporation between 1948 & 1970. The pistol was advertised as 'The World's Most Powerful Air Pistol'. This is a near mint original example.

Webley Air Gun Repair

Josh asked me to tell all Pyramyd Air customers who have recently received Webley rifles that, if you got a Turkish-made gun and you wanted an English-made gun, Pyramyd will take your gun back. It is his desire that his customers are satisfied. This policy of satisfaction existed long before this incident; it is a principle by which Pyramyd Air does business. That’s a pretty reasonable return policy, don’t you think? Why NOT a Turkish Webley?

GTA members.I am new to this site and just finished posting my short introduction. I inherited this airgun recently and know nothing about airguns (I'm a modern firearm type of gun owner). What I can tell you about this air rifle is this: Webley is on the butt of the rifle with Webley Vulcan on top of the barrel. On what looks like the gas block, it says Beeman Precision – Airgun Inc – 471 Paul Dr, San Rafael, Cal.

As a result, the company began producing, their first being the Mark I air pistol. Demand for air guns increased rapidly in the 1920s and Webley's business began to grow again, with an inevitable peak related to weapons supply for British military use during the Second World War. Declining sales led to the decision to give up firearms manufacture completely in 1979, however air gun production at the Birmingham factory continued until 22 December 2005, when the company closed down. Webley's dependent company - Venom Custom Shop - ceased trading as well.

When not cocked and there is a pellet in the barrel or cocked with no pellet in the barrel? Nearly everyone who knows about air pistols will know that with both pellet in the barrel and cocked, ready to be discharged, the pistol would be considered loaded, but what are the opinions on the question of pellet in the barrel not cocked or cocked with no pellet in the barrel?

The Webley seems much more advanced than the under lever BSA. Thanks in advance Mick. Hi all - having searched some more I think the BSA is definitely 1927/8 and I have was studying it tonight and saw the faint stamp of Charles Riggs and Co Bishopsgate EC3 on the barrel - so quite chuffed that I can now date it and know who supplied it new! Are there many BSAs with this stamped on the barrel?

I would expect they would honor a customers request to return a gun if the country of origin were diffent than what was told. Why this item is even an issue is best answered by the consumer.

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Why are so many bellyaching about an honest mistake, a mistake that has not only been addressed, but has actually had a full explanation and allowed sniping on this blog? Deliberate evasion? I don’t think so. The expense of accepting a return, thereby harming resale value of the returned item, is not an attractive option for Pyramyd Air. I am sure that those who demand British manufactured Webleys want them because of sentimental reasons, but I wonder why those same people who would probably be perfectly happy with Spanish manufactured Gamos would balk at Turkish manufactured airguns made under the supervision of the old British company. Turkey has been producing some of the finest double shotguns available for some time, so I have to wonder what the problem could be.

Webley Air Rifle Serial Numbers

Could someone educate me about the webley junior.177 pre war air gun I inherited from my grandfather. I am an American in the US where nobody seems to know anything about pre war Webley air guns.

Hi I have acquired two air rifles - the first a Webley and Scott service Mk2 serial number S4929 (has been refinished but very well done and apparently done by Webley some years ago). It has a.177 barrel with number 5312. Any idea of how to confirm the date, I am guessing that it is 1932 to 1933?? The BSA has BSA on the grip and has the serial number S39349 and I suspect this to be similar in date 1934 ish? I think from 1936 they went to a T at the start of the numbers? This one is 45 inches long and.22 Any help appreciated as it would be nice to be certain about the dates of production.

Contents • • • • • • • • • History [ ] The Webley company was founded in the late 18th century by William Davies, who made bullet moulds. It was taken over in 1834 by his son-in-law, Philip Webley, who began producing sporting guns. The manufacture of revolvers, for which the firm became famous, began twenty years later. At that time the company was named P. Webley & Son.

Now that people can actually see what it is, I want to know if anyone can give me the closest approximation to the year it was made within the time span of webley air pistol production prior to WWII. Can anyone tell me the model? And I am really excited in hopes that people can give me specific and more detailed informtaion about this Junior so I can learn as much as possible about it. Sadly, I need to sell it because I am so tight. I want to get as much as I can for it in the USA market and need help pricing it. Here in the US after looking on the internet for hours, I have found prewar webley airguns for sale from $300 to $3000.00 for each out of 9 being sold.

“My news was apparently posted on some forums without all the detail. All those readers saw was a big Webley sale. They were apparently unaware of the possibility of Turkish-made guns; or, if they were aware, they didn’t know which models were still available as British-made guns.” The medium can’t be 100% controlled by Pyramyd so they will have to find ways of coping with it. Even if the information is added to their web site’s description of every Webley gun, there will be some customer who won’t read it and will expect an English made gun! Just my 2 cents. Thank you Pyramyd for trying to deal fairly with a tough situation!.22 multi-shot. “Apparently, at least one of the mixups was a customer who was assured he was getting an English-made rifle, only to discover it was a Turkish rifle when it arrived.” Taking the above quote from BB at is face value, the customer seems to have made NO assumptions regarding the product.