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You need: • Visual Studio 2008 • The SDK generated for the device you are targeting Another SDK *may* or *may not* work. CE kernels are customized for a device and one device may not have all the components included of another device (or even firmware version of the same device).

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Free software for Windows CE and Windows mobile based GPS systems and smartphones. Locate the application which is started when pushing the button you want to use on your GPS.

Is a GPS log-maker. It creates log-files of several GPS-formats from data got from GPS-receiver. Is primarily intended for the explorer (tracking, hiking, and general exploration work). Alerts you as you approach police speed traps. Can be used to track mobile devices in a passive, non-intruisive way and can be configured to publish the location of a Windows Mobile powered device to any website.

Add GPS coordinates to vCards that you have previously exported enables waypoint, track, and route information to be exchanged with a Garmin receiver. Provides management, manipulation, and mapping of GPS information. Shows vector and raster maps, records and shows tracks, shows multiple navigation parameters, manages and shows waypoints. Converts GPS-tracks of *.gpx, *.mps, *.plt or *.nmea format to route files *.rt2. Software creates two route files - forward route and backward one.

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Is a GPS mapping program. (Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows) lets you browse and create map data on your computer.

Has been developed to allow practice of geocaching 'paperless', by using low cost GPS units running WinCE. - share your location with anyone using GlympseWatch™.

- training planning and unit administration. Converts raster images into vector polygons, and creates map code for those polygons in Polish map format. This code can then be compiled into Garmin.img map files using the free or paid versions of cgpsmapper. (note: This is a direct download link) is free GPS software to run on Windows laptops. Full support as static maps and Openstreetmap tile maps. Is a multi-platform (Linux/windows/OSX) java solution that allows the control and data-retrieval from several GPS loggers.

Is GPS software wrote in visual basic 6 based on the SDK version of Destinator 3. Is free GPS software designed to exchange information between a PC and Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance/Eagle GPS receivers. Allows you to receive coordinates and much more from some Garmin GPS units using undocumented commands. Is free GPS software that can be used with Garmin GPS receivers to manage waypoints, routes, and track logs. Is a browser plugin that sends and retrieves data from Garmin GPS devices. Detects and installs the most recent version of operating software for your compatible Garmin GPS finds areas that are still wide open for hiding, or where you can squeeze one more cache. Is a freeware tool for Windows for showing and changing geo data of image files (e.g.

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Is a Windows Mobile navigation application for use with custom or open data IMG routable maps. Is GPS mapping and offroad navigation/tracking software. Is a multi purpose application for PDA that combines navigation with mobile communication. - (Polish) is a point-to-point route search and GPS navigation service. Is a wireless positioning system that triangulates signals broadcasted from Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers to help the users find their way in most major metropolitan areas worldwide. Allows you to locate your position in relation with other GPS points to see the journey you have travelled.

I installed Windows Embedded CE 6.0 on Mini2440. I want to develop a Smart Device Project using Visual Studio 2008, when i selected the Smart Device Project in Visual Studio 2008 it showing following choice in Target Platform.

Windows Ce 6.0 Download

Is companion software to A2B. A2B is a website where you can search for websites related to any place on Earth. Is a location-based service for trip tracking from mobile.

Writes GPS geodata into the EXIF information of digital pictures. - geocaching and waypoint management tool.

On another computer) including unlock codes. Re-installing maps is unnecessary. Migration of your Garmin maps from and old computer to a new one is straightforward with this application. Converts Garmin maps in the old format (those who use configuration settings in the Windows Registry) to the new.gmap format. Is a program to allow 3D navigation with a GPS device. It also creates landscapes and 3D maps.

Is software for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis and contrast adjustment, and more. Is a GPS tracker/logger for Windows Mobile. Gives exact yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green. Allows you to determine your current location with or without GPS, get driving and transit directions, and get phone numbers and addresses for local businesses.

If you want to develop in managed code (ex. C#), you can develop with VS2008 anc.Net Compact Framework 2.0, 3.5 and then deploy and debug application on your target device with VS2008 debugger. If you want to develop in unmanaged code (ex. C/c++) you have two ways: - if you want that your application is a os image subproject you need to use VS2005 because Windows CE 6.0 Platform Builder is a plug in for VS2005; - if you want to develop an application but you wan't that it is a os image subproject, you can create an SDK from VS2005 and the install under VS2008. In this case there is a knwon issue into installation. You can see here: Regards, Paolo. Develop wince 6.0 applications with Visual Studio 2008 Hi Everyone, Can anyone please help me to Develop wince 6.0 applications with Visual Studio 2008 for FrendlyARM Mini2440.

Is an in-car navigation system capable of running on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Is the best-of-breed solution for geocoding digital photos. Is a tool to convert routes (really). Allows you to redirect all communication data from RS232 compliant serial port device into a text file for further analysis.

I just bought a Windows CE 6.0 device called the A81 MID that has the following specs 7 inch 800x480 lcd screen Arm Cortex A8 600mhz 256mb ram WinCE 6.0 I bought this thinking since i can use alot of wince apps on WM phones it would work the other way around too Im trying to install Skyfire and Opera on the device because IE sucks on this device. Every time I try to install ile I get the error 'not a valid windows ce setup file' Whats strange is that a lot of programs i have that is designed to run on WinCE won't open on 6.0 either one example was FinalBurn CE.14, nothing happens when i open the.exe Even the classic CAB installer to manage cabs from self destructing when installing fails to open and gives me the error 'not a valid windows CE application' Is this problem unique to this device or to WinCE 6.0? The CAB files include some information saying on which platform and/or version of the OS it can be installed. IMO this is the only issue that prevents the application to be installed on your notebook, and this will also result in the error message you wrote. It's the same message that appears for instance when you try to install an application that requires WM 6 on a PPC 2003 device. Since WM is based on Windows CE it's usually no problem running WM applications on Windows CE, unless you don't access any telephony APIs or any other similar stuff explicitly available only on the WM platforms. So you can just go ahead and extract the files and registry settings from the CAB and install them manually, or re-create the CAB with different version requirements.

• You might not be able to pause the active downloads or resume downloads that have failed. The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems. It gives you the ability to download multiple files at one time and download large files quickly and reliably. It also allows you to suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now. • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 delivers amazing new operating system components that help Windows Embedded CE 6.0 device makers get to market faster with devices that can more easily connect to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Fig2:Screenshot of Windows Embedded Compact 7 2) Multi-Touch and Custom gesture support: Some of the new features included in WinCE 7 are advancements in rich user experience with Multi-touch and custom gestures integrated into the browser. The touch screen can operate in a range of different modes with WinCE7 driver ported on the hardware giving the ease of interacting with the device. With the number of simultaneous touch events users can as well experience custom gesture functionality. What OEMs can do is, customize the browser application to match the shell to their entire experience and by changing its markup with an expression blend. Fig3: Custom Gesture on WEC7 3) Internet Explorer 7 including support for Adobe Flash 10.1: This latest Windows CE version uses IE7 rendering engine with Flash 10.1 provides support for tabs, panning and zooming giving rich desktop browsing experience and natural touch input.

Is a mobile social networking platform. Is a system composed of a Web for mobile devices that allows recording warnings and URL associated to any geopoint in the planet. - is GPS based Windows Mobile lap timer. Is a free GPS tracking service. Track vehicles or other objects online in real-time using inexpensive cell phones. Allows you to locate and connect to your GPS device. Is free GPS software for Symbian smartphones and Windows Mobile PDAs to let your friends know where you are.

Includes several tools for working with maps and with GPS devices. Is a lightweight GPS logger with possibility to export tracks to GPX files. Is for Pocket PC with OS Windows SE Phone Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 - it reads navigation data from GPS and sends it to any user via SMS or email.

Is software for mobile phones that sends notifications based on one's calendar and GPS. Allows you to track your trip and lets others locate and follow you online. Views calibrated bitmap maps (moving maps) on PocketPC/WinCE platform.

Handles all forms of latitude and longitude as well as UTM coordinates and will convert from any form to another. Allows one to visually imprint various geo-metadata onto an image in a lossless fashion. Uses ExifTool to simply and efficiently geotag your images.

- connects WinCE PNA with notebook as GPS receiver and placemark server for GoogleEarth. Is a suite of free GPS software utilities to control a handheld GPS receiver from your PC and see the result in 3D. Is software that enables replays and performance analysis from GPS data, incuding 'real time' animation with several tracks, auto-focusing, a time-based controller, auto speed calculation, and auto data send. (Windows, OS X, Linux) manipulates and transfers waypoints, tracks, and routes between receivers and/or popular mapping programs. Allows you to use GPSBabel via Windows interface.

Finds out what waypoints are different between two GPX files. Combines two or more GPX or LOC waypoint files into a single file. Runs the Microsoft utility CABARC to create CAB and TOC files for TomTom POI files (*.ov2) and Itinerary files (*.itn). Is used to collect live data from your GPS receiver on your laptop.

What Is Windows Ce 6.0

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Is a geocaching and waypoint management tool like GSAK, but this one is really freeware (not shareware). (note: This is a direct download link) is a cache-loader designed to support offline, real-time tracking on Google Earth. - Hotkeys for iNav iGuidance. IGkeys simplifies the usage of iNav iGuidance on laptops.

Is intended for sportsmen and hikers for training and to locate itself by knowing the distance and the direction from the closest cities. - an EWE application that runs under Windows Mobile 2005, WM 6 using your GPS receiver to tell you where you are, how long and how far you've gone, and where you've been. Is an adaption of the Scotland Yard board game played in real life.

Is a free GPS utility for Pocket PC Phone Edition that will help your friends immediately find your whereabouts just by sending an SMS. Is a golf rangefinder for Windows Mobile devices.

Allows you to record the GPS coordinates to the EXIF headers of photos taken with any camera using SD-card during the road trip. (note: In Russian) views calibrated bitmap maps (moving maps) on PocketPC/WinCE platform. Is a moving map application for mobile devices. As QLandkarte GT it will display mapsets of different resolutions and point to your current location. Is an open source program that provides a car navigation for Linux, UNIX, and Windows CE. Browse all the other.

However, because it has been rejected, I don't have any licensed version. Right now, trial edition is the only option for me.).

Here are some of the new technologies and updates provided in this release: • Support for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0 The Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 release provides the latest version of Remote Desktop protocol to help enable CE-based thin clients to connect using the latest version of Windows Server remote computing technologies. • Support for Web Services on Devices (WSD) protocol stack and application programming interfaces (API), together with sample code By helping to enable Windows Rally technologies such as web services on devices in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, a connectivity technology supported natively by Windows Vista, OEMs can provide richer experiences and product differentiation when their devices connect virtually to a PC over the network and yet behave as if they were directly connected. Supported Operating System Windows Embedded CE • Vista • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista • Processor/RAM: Windows Vista hardware requirements o PC with 933 Mhz or faster processor. 2Ghz recommended o 512 MB of RAM; 1GB recommended o 18 GB of available space on installation drive o 1 GB of available space on system drive o DVD-ROM drive o Monitor that supports 1024 x 768 screen resolution with 16 bit color • Required Software: o licensed copy of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 o licensed copy of a Visual Studio 2005 (except Express) o Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1. O Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista o Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Platform Builder Service Pack 1 Windows 2000 SP4; Windows XP SP2 • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows XP Service Pack 2 • Processor/RAM: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 hardware requirements. • Required Software: o licensed copy of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 o licensed copy of a Visual Studio 2005 (except Express) o Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1. O Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Platform Builder Service Pack 1.

Images taken by digital cameras). Is a tool to apply the Geotag Icon to geotagged JPEG photos in a lossless fashion. Is a tool for serious geocachers. It lets you make advanced queries to find the perfect caches to hit on your day out, and export them to any imaginable format.

- For the Pocket PC. (note: This is a direct download link) is a routing and viewer of OSM XML data such as the planet.osm. Finds your parked car. Logs your travels on a GPS-equipped Pocket PC so that you can view them later with Google Earth (a separate, free download). Transforms your PocketPC into an external bluetooth GPS receiver, allowing you to use it with your laptop PC or any other device that can use a bluetooth GPS.

It also allows you to suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now. • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 delivers innovative new technologies to the proven and highly reliable componentized, hard real-time operating system for small footprint devices. With Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3, device manufacturers can create consumer and enterprise devices that are differentiated by an immersive user interface, a rich browsing experience, and a unique connection to Windows PCs, servers, services, and devices. By building on the high performance and highly reliable Windows Embedded CE platform, device makers can bring their devices to market quickly and efficiently.

Is a free small usefull program designed for anyone who enjoys cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking. The software provides realtime statistic like current speed, altitude, distance, etc. And data for post analysis using PC. Is a screen plugin that shows your position using a GPS unit. Is a lightweight GPS logging application for Windows Mobile 6. Logs to a GPX or KML file which can then be used to geotag your photos or imported into other applications. Shows the time, the current location, the speed, and the moving direction on the display of the mobile phone and runs on all phones, which at least support CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 and which allow access to Bluetooth (JSR 82) or the serial interface.

Allows you to locate and connect to your GPS device. Is a Web search engine. Offers live vehicle tracking locating the live positions of moving objects, whether they be cars, vans, trucks, people, smart phones, or PDAs. Allows you to send your coordinates in SMS. Provides information or services relevant to your location when you ask for a particular web page on your phone. Allows you to share your GPS position with your friends.

Blog >> in terms of Kernel support and device drivers etc. Ibm rational rose. However, here are some features that predominantly distinguish Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) from WinCE6 and to know how this new version of WEC7 is edge over its previous versions: 1) User Interface options on Windows Embedded Compact 7 with Silverlight and the Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools (WEST): WEC 7 Development tools have provided what WinCE 6.0 was lacking for instance, an extensible UI framework and the advanced Interaction options along with richer graphics with Silverlight 3.0 for evolving customer expectations. WinCE 6.0 has a limitation while using Silverlight for Embedded, first released in WinCE 6.0 R3, which is now updated to support Silverlight 3 constructs and is accompanied by a powerful development tools that eases the integration work to hang in the C++ code behind. WEC 7 gives consumers the ability to share and manage content across networked devices with Digital Living Network Alliance, such as new HDTVs, and a new media library.